MS Wi-Fi in Schools

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MS Wi-Fi in Schools

The project Microsoft Croatia, the Croatian Academic and Research Network – CARNET and the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports connected 50 primary and secondary schools to the WiFi network. There are 30 primary and 20 secondary schools across Croatia with more than 26,000 students that had the opportunity to use WiFi network in their classrooms thanks to the successful implementation of the project.

This project provided better connectivity, which also meant entering the “world of knowledge” and in this way the organisation, employees and students in places where there is no good connectivity, gain the access to the cloud. In addition to fast Internet access, schools have  gained a high level of security and network connectivity control since students could access the network only through their AII@edu IDs, which automatically provided access to the school system and MS Office 365.

The project was fully funded by Microsoft Croatia and was conducted in cooperation with CARNET and the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports as part of Microsoft’s focus on providing Modern Technologies in day-to-day teaching as well as helping younger generations to become competitive at labour market.

The List of Connected Schools

There are 50 primary and secondary schools that were connected via Wi-Fi networks: 

  • Ekonomska škola Pula
  • Ekonomska škola Šibenik
  • Elektrotehnička i prometna škola Osijek
  • Elektrotehnička škola
  • Gimnazija Karlovac
  • I. gimnazija Split
  • I. osnovna škola Varaždin
  • III. osnovna škola Čakovec
  • IX. gimnazija Zagreb
  • Komercijalno-trgovačka škola Split
  • Medicinska škola Osijek
  • Obrtnička škola Split
  • Osnovna škola “Brda” Split
  • Osnovna škola “Ivan Goran Kovačić” Slavonski Brod
  • Osnovna škola “Marjan” Split
  • Osnovna škola “Mato Lovrak” Nova Gradiška
  • Osnovna škola “Otrići – Dubrave” Otrić – Seoci
  • Osnovna škola “Split 3”
  • Osnovna škola “Turnić” Rijeka
  • Osnovna škola “Vladimir Nazor” Đakovo
  • Osnovna škola Bartula Kašića Zadar
  • Osnovna škola Brod Moravice
  • Osnovna škola Donja Stubica
  • Osnovna škola Frana Krste Frankopana Osijek
  • Osnovna škola Ivana Gundulića Zagreb
  • Osnovna škola Ivana Kukuljevića Sakcinskog Ivanec
  • Osnovna škola Josipa Broza Kumrovec
  • Osnovna škola Ksavera Šandora Gjalskog
  • Osnovna škola Nikola Tesla
  • Osnovna škola Nikole Hribara Velika Gorica
  • Osnovna škola Orebić
  • Osnovna škola Popovača
  • Osnovna škola Rudeš
  • Osnovna škola Silvija Strahimira Kranjčevića Senj
  • Osnovna škola Smiljevac
  • Osnovna škola Stjepana Kefelje Kutina
  • Osnovna škola Stjepana Radića Metković
  • Osnovna škola Trnsko Zagreb
  • Osnovna škola Vrbani
  • Prva srednja škola Beli Manastir
  • Srednja škola Ivanec
  • Srednja škola Metković
  • Srednja škola Pregrada
  • Škola za umjetnost, dizajn, grafiku i odjeću Zabok
  • Tehnička škola Ruđera Boškovića Zagreb
  • Tehnička škola za strojarstvo i mehatroniku
  • Upravna škola Zagreb
  • XI. gimnazija Zagreb
  • Gimnazija dr. Mate Ujevića Imotski
  • Osnovna škola Odra Zagreb