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CARNET Coordinators

he CARNET coordinator is the official representative of the member institution. He must be a member of staff and appointed by the Dean or Principal. To appoint the CARNET coordinator, you must fill out the appropriate form.

As an official representative of its institution, the CARNET coordinator should have an insight into the general picture of the institution’s work and insight into the status of and the plans for the use of information technology in the institution. It is necessary for the person performing this function to have the knowledge and organisational abilities to coordinate and organize the use and application of CARNET resources in the member institution.

In the event of a change of the appointed member of the institution, the member is obliged to appoint a new coordinator, which revokes the duties of the old coordinator. If the contact data is changed, the coordinator is obliged to notify CARNET.

All CARNET coordinators are members of the Council of Users, the advisory body of the CARNET CEO that meets as necessary and can influence the quality of CARNET services and initiate new CARNET services and activities.

The CARNET coordinator function includes:

  • organisation of electronic identity creation in AAI@EduHr for the use of CARNET services
  • notification of the employees and students of the facility about the possibilities of using services provided by CARNET (through introductory lectures for students or teachers council meetings, bulletin board etc.) and encouragement to use them
  • notifying CARNET of the needs of the facility
  • timely delivery of up-to-date administrative information
  • active participation in the work of the Council of Users
  • preparing the Annual Report on the Utilization of CARNET Resources at its institution that the Customer Service is implementing in cooperation with the Ministry of Science and Education.

*The CARNET coordinator is a CARNET-related and member-related function and is not a job. The position of the CARNET coordinator is considered to be the official position of the member.

The CARNET coordinator’s rights and obligations are described in the official document CDA0033.

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