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CARNET web for schools is a system that allows you to easily set up and update network pages through a network browser. 

CARNET Web for Schools

Since March 1st, 2007, CARNET has enabled primary and secondary schools to use the Content Management System-CMS within the HUSO Hosting Service for primary and secondary schools, developed and designed specifically for school purposes.

CMS for schools is a system that allows you to easily set up and update network pages through a network browser. Whether the school decides to use CARNET CMS for schools, it shall be able to choose a number of finished designs and templates, as well as a range of functionalities and collaboration tools (news, forums, surveys, html editors, RSS, etc.). By choosing CMS, it is possible to efficiently use the network space which school shall receive within the Hosting service, without the need for a great technical advance.

Currently more than 1,200 primary and secondary schools have online pages created in CARNET CMS for schools.

The system is based on Strix portal, and for its use, the school must have an activated HUSO account. The network headquarters is activated through the application for administration of HUSO user accounts, which requires a CMS option as “web” option. In order to activate your network headquarters in CMS, you must be a resource administrator (AR).


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How to Become a User

A CMS user can be any school in the Republic of Croatia with an activated HUSO user account.

The network headquarters are activated through the application for administration of HUSO user accounts, which requires a CMS option as a “web” option. This procedure can be made by the resource administrator (AR) at school.

Once the administrator activates the network headquarters, all students and school staff who have the CARNET electronic identity, or the account in the HUSO system shall become users.

Questions and Answers

How to activate CMS?

In order for the school to use CARNET CMS system, it is necessary to activate it through the application for administration at

In the menu on the left, you need to select “Web” and then “Web on Content Management System “.

Once the activation is complete, it is necessary to wait for a few minutes for the website to be visible at the school address.

After activation, other people authorized by the resource administrator may participate in the administration of the website of the school. See also: “Who can administer the school page?”

Who can administer the school page?

CMS activation process for schools at can only be initiated by the resource administrator (AR). It is recommended to use this role in contact with CARNET Support Services for CMS for Schools.

A registry administrator (AI) in a newly created school web in CMS may or may not have the same authority as the resource administrator.

In case there are more people who need to be able to edit school web in CMS, it is recommended to use the Group module to create a new group of authorized users in CMS. See also the question: “Can students edit part of the school page?”

Which information is required to login to the administration?

In order to be able to administer, you must log in with the username and password assigned to the resource administrator.

If the resource administrator has no user data, directory administrator can assign them.

Can static web and CMS be used together?

Due to the way in which HUSO system works, it is not possible to use a static and dynamic web at the same time at the same address

How to add a module?

The module can be added after you log on to the school’s website as a resource administrator.

In the “Portal Management” menu, select “Edit Page” and click the down arrow in the column to which you want to add the module, and select a module that shall only be visible on that page or on all pages.

Can students edit part of the school page?

All students who are added to HUSO system and are synchronized within CMS of the school system can edit part of the site intended for the individual.

Exceptionally, if the resource administrator permits a student to administer the entire page by giving him privileges for administration, the student can edit the entire school page.

How do I delete a link from navigation?

To delete the link from the navigation, you must select “Administration” in the “Portal Management” menu after logging in.

Inside the administration on the left, select the link you want to delete and delete it by clicking “Delete”.Once you have set navigation in the right way, choose “Save All Changes” from the right.

Is it possible to set up your own CSS file?

It is possible to set up your own CSS file and change the appearance/colour of the website. Detailed instructions can be found on this link. 

We must note that ‘CMS for schools’ is constantly being upgraded and optimized, so it is sometimes possible to apply the names of ID elements and their classes in the templates. In this case, if you are using your own CSS file, it is possible that something shall not look as originally conceived until your own CSS has been updated.

Can I change colours as desired?

The layout and colour of school web pages created within CMS are determined by the template selected, so it is not possible to change colours except by choosing another template.

How to upload files via FTP when using CMS for schools?

When the web in the content management system (CMS) is selected as a web type, the additional files cannot be uploaded to the FTP server, but the “Document Archive” module is used for this.

How to sync with HUSO directory?

At the initial CMS-based web, all users who have been added to HUSO school system directory shall automatically be synced with the CMS.

When you add a user to HUSO directory later, synchronization can be done by selecting “Contacts from directory ” under “Portal Management” and then by clicking “Add new users”. Adding new users depends on the school year settings. 

How to set up a new school year?
  • the first requirement is that there are students enrolled in HUSO directory for the new school year
  • it is necessary to start the synchronization of the users with the directory (then the new information about the students are retrieved from HUSO system)
  • only then shall the new school year appear in the drop-down menu

If the current year is not explicitly defined as ‘current’, the system shall automatically determine from the date which year is to be used, so that the “transition” to the next year shall occur 1.10.

The school may, if necessary, change the year earlier, and set up the next one to change timetables and grade lists earlier than scheduled (1.10).

Can I install my own modules/modules from other CMS systems?

Currently it is not possible to create your own modules. Modules from different CMS systems are not compatible and cannot be installed on CARNET CMS.

Can CMS be used outside the school?

Since CARNET CMS installation runs automatically on the space provided for schools, its installation is not possible on other servers.

How to properly add flash video/object?

Below is a typical “troublesome” flash video that interferes the administration of the website and the way in which this behaviour of different flash objects can be regulated.

As you can see, the video covers the surface for editing Static HTML module. To avoid such a situation, click on the Flash icon (choose “f”) during adding the flash object, select “Properties” and select “Transparent” in the “Window Type” menu.

What will happen to the content of the page if I change my chosen layout?

You can change the layout of the page regardless of the content. Regardless of the template change, all the content that you posted on the school’s website shall remain in place but released through the new selected visual.

We deleted the home page, what now?

One of the most common mistakes that occur when administering CARNET CMS is to seemingly delete a Homepage.

The same thing happens if you set a “Clean” layout that shall then display a clean white page on the Homepage.

Since it is CMS, the Homepage has not been destroyed and can still be managed if an administration link is accessed, which is in the form of:

You need to set a layout that was previously selected and the Homepage will be redisplayed in the desired format. 

Is it possible to restore the lost data back to the page?

The users of CARNET CMS are solely responsible for the content posted on their school website, its installation and maintenance.

In the event of data loss, backup of the content is possible only in cases when data is lost:

  • due to errors in the operation of CMS system that were not caused by the user,
  • as a result of malicious security attacks on CMS.

In all other cases, restoring data backup is not possible.

Contact Details

CARNET’s User Support Service

Phone: +385 1 6661 555

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