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e-Matica is a centralized system of the Ministry of Science and Education that is used to enter the most important data on students and staff of primary and secondary schools. The application is intended to be a digital form of the general register that is hand-filled in schools. At the end of the school year, it also enables the printing of school reports based on the data entered on students’ performance.

Users (directory administrators and class teachers) log in using AAI@EduHr data obtained from the school ( When compared to manual data entry, the main advantages of the system are the fact that in this way the data is accessible from any location that is connected to the Internet, while the entered data is automatically synchronized with other services such as NISpVU (National Information System for Higher Education Registration), e-Diary, NISPI (National High School Enrollment and Enrollment Information System), etc.

e-Matica is a service of the Ministry of Science and Education, and CARNET is the Support Center which provides customer support for the application.

Contact Details

CARNET’s Helpdesk for the support of the education system provides user support and basic information about the e-Matica system.

In order to provide you with a faster, more accurate and complete answer, it is important that you provide us with the best possible description and all relevant information when reporting a problem or asking a question.

For example, if you have a problem with student data administration, be sure to include:

  • Student’s name, surname and OIB number
  • what action you are trying to execute in the system
  • the error number that is reported to you
  • your full name and function within the institution
  • any additional information that you believe is important for resolving the problem.

User support for e-Matica system can be reached in the following ways:

CARNET’s Helpdesk for the support of the education system

Phone: +385 1 6661 500

Working hours are between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. on every weekday.

Web service

The web service enables data retrieval from e-Matica using AAI@EduHr infrastructure for authentication. Web service authentication is a standard HTTP Basic authentication, and the service passes the received authentication information to the AAI system for verification. The authorization infrastructure in the e-Matica itself is used in the process of authorization.

The web service can only be used to retrieve e-Matica data for further analysis and reporting purposes. The web service can be used under the condition that the application that would use it, i.e. that would retrieve the data from the e-Matica, undergoes the certification process. Another condition is that an agreement with the Ministry of Science and Education on the access to the web service and the way of using its available data has been signed.

All applications that meet the data retrieval requirements will be assigned a token to use when retrieving data from the e-Matica system. The token represents an identifier of a particular application and is used to control web service access. The application forwards it in a SOAP message to the web service, which can then control the access of the application to the e-Matica system.

Authentication is not required for retrieving some of the data, while other data requires the corresponding administrative rights.