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CARNET manages .hr, top level domain for Croatia, according to Ordinance on Organisation and Management of National Internet Top-level Domain.


Since 1993, CARNET has been managing the national domain of the Republic of Croatia (.hr). CARNET was appointed with management assignment rights by the international organisation ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), which is responsible for managing the global domain Internet space.

All .hr domains are registered in accordance with the Ordinance on the Organisation and Management of the Top-Level National Internet Domain.

It is possible to register several types of .hr domains:

  • Free secondary .hr domains – for legal entities registered in Croatia and individuals engaged in registered independent activities in Croatia (each user is entitled to only one free domain).
  • Paid secondary .hr domains – for legal entities with business residence in any of the European Union member states and individuals who are citizens of any of the European Union member states and possess a personal identification number (OIB) issued by the competent authority of the Republic of Croatia.
  • Free lower-level domains ( – for individuals with residence or citizenship in the Republic of Croatia, uniquely identifiable by their personal identification number (OIB).
  • Paid lower-level domains ( – for legal and natural persons.

CARNET is the only registrar for free .hr domains, while chargeable domains are registered through authorized registrars. The core services that CARNET offers to users through the .hr register include domain registration and administration, but the activity of the registry is much wider and includes proposing and implementing national domain management policy.

More information about .hr domains and a list of authorized registrars can be found on the official website


legal entities
natural entities

How to Become a User

It is necessary to fill out the registration request according to the instructions on the website, followed by the approval of the request.

Questions and Answers

The most common questions and answers can be found on the web page



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