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Public Server

CARNET public server is a computer system through which a greater number of individuals, employed in different institutions, i.e. employees in institutions outside the Ministry of Science and Education system, for personal, non-commercial purposes, use the online services, CARNET network information services, and other resources available through electronic identity in the AAI@EduHr system.

Available services for natural persons:

  • AAI@EduHR – electronic identity
  • e-mail – electronic address and space

There are also numerous guest information services on the Public Server that contribute to the improvement of the information space of the Republic of Croatia. Such services are non-commercial, and are open to the needs of organisations, institutions, projects or other interest groups.

Available services for legal entities:

  • CMS – web space in a unified system for all users (WordPress)
  • E-mail aliases – defining an e-mail alias for users
  • DNS – defining domains through the system


pupils abroad
students abroad
CARNET system engineers
residents of e-Island
legal entities*
other AAI@EduHr users
faculties and colleges
other public institutions
exceptions to the decision of CARNET CEO
*associations, groups, societies, projects whose content contributes to the improvement of the information space of the Republic of Croatia and if they are non-commercial and in accordance with the general humanitarian and civilization norms

How to Become a User

A Public Server user can become anyone by registering on the Public Server website. Upon completion of the registration process, the request is sent to the competent service.

The request submitted on a working day will be processed within a maximum of 24 hours and at weekends within 48 hours. Within this period, the user shall be notified to the selected contact on the registration, rejection or on incomplete information.

Questions and Answers

How do I connect to the internet via CARNET?

Connect to any CARNET individual internet access service and enter your AAI user account (e.g. and the corresponding password.

What is my AAI username (e.g. and

Form tag: is used to connect to the internet via CARNET’s Internet access services and the use of other AAI@EduHr services.

Form tag: or is the name of an e-mail that is generated when opening an account for a natural person.

The password for both tags is the same.

What is AAI@EduHr?

AAI@EduHr is a system whereby users of CARNET public server access services outside the server itself – see a list of the various network services  accessed through AAI@EduHr.

How to change your password?

Access your personal record via web interface and click “Change Password” and follow the instructions.

How long is my user account valid?

The user account is valid for one year, after which it should be extended through the  administration portal.

How to read e-mail on the web?

CARNET offers  webmail service for all AAI@EduHr users.

On the homepage ( you log in with a full user ID, as well as for the internet access (e.g. Pero Perić would write At the first use you will get additional page with a selection of servers. Here, under the user name you enter a short form (e.g. pperic, without domain), and as a server select “CARNET – public computer”.

Sign in to WordPress administration?

Maintaining and editing WordPress pages for administrators on CARNET Public Server is performed via the interface available at:

where “” is a part of the address – name obtained when registering a guest information service.

For example, for the imaginative CARNET association that has an open guest information service at with domain

the page administration is performed via the link:

How to use WordPress contact form (CF7)?

Contact forms are added to the WordPress administration under the “Contact” menu, by clicking the “Add New” button. You can name the form by clicking on the form title, for example “Unnamed”, and enter the desired name, for example “contact”. In addition to the usual tag name, subject, and e-mail, you must also use Google reCAPTCHA element to prevent spam. You can find more about integration on the add-on pages..

How to enable multilingual plugin on WordPress pages?

Multilingual plugin can be requested by sending a request to CARNET helpdesk at number +385 1 6661 555 or via e-mail

After processing the required request, you need to choose Settings -> Languages in the WordPress administration and add a new language.

WordPress and Facebook comments?

From March 15th, 2015 WordPress comments are replaced by Facebook comments.

To enable your own Facebook comments, you need to login to WordPress administration, choose Settings -> Facebook Comments and create APP ID by clicking on “Create an App to handle your comments”. After entering the Facebook App ID, to enable comments on posts, you need to tick (turn on) the “Singular Posts” option, i.e. on the “Pages” page.

If you do not want Facebook comments on individual posts/pages, check “DISABLE Facebook Comments” at the bottom of the post/page editing.

How to set up Google maps on WordPress page?

One of the ways to set up a Google folder with the desired location on your site is through the WordPress iframe plugin.

Once you find the desired location on the Google Maps page, in the lower right corner, select the wheel icon  option “Share or embed maps” and copy the link from the “Embed map” to the quotation marks starting with “https”.

This link needs to be set up in WordPress as a post or iframe add-on page, for example:

[iframe src=”!1m14!1m8!1m3!1d2781.9433323652675!2




Upload Images to WordPress

Due to limited resources, the maximum resolution of the uploaded image that can be set is 2048 x 2048 px. Images that exceed this ratio shall be automatically decreased (respecting the width-to-height ratio). Thus, for example, the image size of 3456 x 500 after upload shall be 2048 × 296.

To publish multimedia content, we recommend using external services, such as some from this list.

Contact Details

CARNET’s User Support Service

Phone: +385 1 6661 555

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