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Sys.backup service is based on Bacula, a set of open code computer programs that enable backup management and recovery of computer data over the network. Bacula is relatively easy to use and effective, and at the same time it offers numerous advanced data storage capabilities thanks to which the discovery and recovery of lost data is simple.


Backup takes place in the evening, after 10 pm, and the data is kept (Retention Period) for two months. Once a month, a full backup is done, once a week differential backup is done, while incremental backup is done on a daily basis.

By activating the service, e-mails are received on a daily basis about Backup Jobs. This option is enabled after the installation. If a user wishes to turn off this option or wants to receive notifications from another e-mail address, other than the one mentioned in the package installation, CARNET should be contacted by sending an e-mail to

Prerequisites, limitations and security:

  1. 100 Mbps or faster connection to CARNET
  2. the size of data that can be stored on sys.backup service is limited to 200 GB
  3. higher education institutions – full members of CARNET
  4. some of the supported operating systems have to be installed on the backup server
  5. it is possible to back up multiple servers per institution
  6. The data is encrypted before sending it to CARNET backup service. After installing the required packages, encryption keys are located in the directory /etc/bacula, i.e. %SystemDrive%Program Filesbacula for Windows Server OS group.
  7. Set CARNET Debian repository in the /etc/apt/sources.list file.



CARNET system engineers
other AAI@EduHr users
faculties and colleges
other public institutions

How to Become a User

It is necessary to meet the requirements in the description and initiate the procedure described on sys.backup page – Launching the service.

Contact Details


Phone: +385 1 6661 555