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Students, teachers, pupils, professors, scientists, and employees in CARNET member institutions have an electronic identity in the AAI@EduHr system, which, among other things, allows access to the CARNET network and the use of CARNET services.

Electronic Identity

The electronic identity in the AAI@EduHr system is a virtual identity that is provided by individual users from their CARNET member institutions (schools, faculties, institutes) and which allows them to use CARNET services.

The electronic identity serves to authenticate and authorize various CARNET services and is necessary to exercise the right to use them. More about the AAI@EduHr system can be read on here.

At school, students and teachers are given the electronic identity by the administrator of the directory. The list of administrators that users can contact for opening an electronic identity can be found on the page Directory administrators.

Students, professors and employees of the institute can also open up electronic identity at their institutions. A list of home institutions and authorized persons who can be contacted for electronic identity can be found on the here.

Registered scientists whose parent institution is not in the AAI@EduHr system can obtain an electronic identity on the Public server CARNET-a via online registration.

CARNET for Pupils

CARNET offers a series of services to pupils:

CARNET for Teachers

In order to facilitate the application of information and communication technologies at work, CARNET has developed a range of services for teachers: