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About ICT Edu

In 2009, while recognizing the needs of users related to information and education on the quality and purposeful application of information and communication technology in their work, CARNET launched a project called Information and Communication Technology in Education – ICT Edu. The project was carried out in cooperation with the Ministry of Science and Education and the Education and Teacher Training Agency.

The aim of the project was to develop the digital competence of teaching staff in schools to contribute to the implementation of contemporary teaching using Information and Communication Technology (ICT). ICT Edu is a modular in-service training for teachers, expert associates and school principals related to the application of ICT in work. Its priority is to offer the most suitable training (in terms of knowledge and duration), expediency and accessibility through hands-on workshops in computer classrooms.

The ICT Edu project introduced two major innovations in the teacher education system, which includes the uniform education of all education staff in primary and secondary schools, as well as implementing training in all schools. Namely, for the first time, all teachers had the opportunity to receive education without having to travel to regional or state centres, which enabled schools and teachers to carry out classes smoothly and avoid traveling expenses. This model has been accepted as an excellent form of further teacher education by both the teachers themselves and their principals.

Participation in the project has been tailored in order to suit the needs and possibilities of each school. Each individual school had the opportunity to choose content (through modules) and the dynamics of conducting workshops.