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Human Resources


Currently, CARNET employs more than 200 people in eight cities of Croatia – Zagreb, Rijeka, Osijek, Split, Pula, Dubrovnik, Slavonski Brod and Zadar. People of different professions have found their place in CARNET and contribute to the achievement of a common goal in a unique way.

The development of information technology and the demands placed on CARNET by its employees require constant learning and professional development, which is why special attention is paid to the development of employees. With the advancement in the area of modern information technology, CARNET employees have the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills in the field of organisation and management. Continuous acquisition of knowledge and strengthening of competences by engaging in various projects, as well as participation in seminars and courses, domestic and international conferences, are the right and obligation of each CARNET staff member.

Mode of operation

CARNET’s core business, and the environment in which it operates, require extreme flexibility from every employee and organisation as a whole. Challenges are posed daily to the employees, which can only be successfully responded to by the joint engagement of people of different professions and by finding new and original solutions. This is why CARNET puts emphasis on project work and multidisciplinarity, where customer orientation is the core motivation of all CARNET staff members.

Continuous contact with the latest advances in information technology, the ability to engage in various projects, teamwork, always new challenges and an informal working atmosphere make every day in CARNET different.

Advantages of CARNET work are advanced technology, project mode, skilled, talented and energetic associates, a friendly atmosphere, openness to ideas, and the possibility of professional development and exchange of knowledge with domestic and foreign experts.


Associates have a special place and important role in CARNET. Intensive cooperation is achieved with students, but also with all those who, with their ideas, knowledge and enthusiasm, can and shall contribute to the achievement of the CARNET mission.