CARNET meter

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CARNET meter

CARNET Bandwidth Meter is a meter that allows users of the CARNET network to measure the data transfer rate to and from the CARNET network.

The results of data transfer rate measurement vary depending on:

  • the number of users who use the network at the same time
  • the type of user access network
  • the load of the user’s computer
  • the load of CARNET servers, etc.

The measurement results also depend on the internet browser that is used. CARNET’s recommendation is to use the Mozilla Firefox browser.

Measured values shall always be slightly lower than the nominal values published by user’s Internet access providers, since the meter measures only user useful data, but not protocol add-ons.

CARNET Bandwidth Meter is for personal use only and cannot be used for other purposes. CARNET reserves the right to restrict access to users of commercial internet access service providers.


CARNET system engineers
other AAI@EduHr users
faculties and colleges
other public institutions

How to Become a User

For users who want to measure the speed of data transfer from their computer to the CARNET network or vice versa, it is enough to get directions to from their web browser and pick one of the tests offered.

After a few moments, when the measurement is complete, the results shall be displayed and entered into the database. If the user repeats the measurement and accesses the meter with the same IP address, he shall also be able to see the results of previous measurements.

Questions and Answers

What can be measured?
  • data transfer rate from the CARNET server to the user’s computer (download)
  • data transfer rate from the CARNET server to the user’s computer by downloading the file (File download)
  • data transfer rate from the user’s computer to the CARNET server (upload)
  • availability of user’s computer and RTT ping tool
  • the availability of the user’s computer and the path from the CARNET server to the user’s computer with the traceroute tool.

Contact Details

CARNET’s User Support Service

Phone: +385 1 6661 555