e-Class Register for students and parents

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e-Class Register for students is a network application that allows students to review grades, absences and notes that teachers have entered in the e-Class Register. In addition to the PC version, the app is also adapted to mobile devices to give students access and overview at any time. Students login in e-Class Register with their AAI@EduHr account that they receive from their school administrators.

e-Class Register for Students and Parents

If the school has a wireless eduroam network, students can connect to their e-Class Register with their mobile devices, and the connection instructions are available on the eduroam installer’s website.

e-Class Register for parents is a network application accessible to parents of students of those schools using e-Class Register in the current school year. Through this application, the parent has been allowed access to personal information, grades, absences, notes, scheduled timetable of written assignments and other child data provided by the subject teachers and classmaster in the e-Class Register. Parents can login only via the e-Citizens system. An insight into the child’s data is possible provided that the classmaster correctly recorded additional information about the parents e-Class Registrar.


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How to Become a User

Students log in to e-Class Register with their AAI@EduHr user account that they receive from their school administrator.

Parents log in to e-Class Register via e-Citizens system

Only parents or custodians for which classmasters assigned PIN to the interface for contact of parents/custodians and the option “Access e-Class Register for parents” was selected, shall be able to login to e-Class Register.

It should be emphasized that the personal data of parents or custodians who have the right to view the grades and absence of the student should be recorded.

Questions and Answers

What to do if a student cannot log on at

There are two possible reasons for the unsuccessful login. The first is that the student’s school is not included in e-Class Register, and therefore has no access to the page, and the other is that the student received incorrect user data by the school or PIN.

If a school is included in e-Class Registry project, one should be able to sign up to the portal The list of schools involved can be found at the following link:

After you find that the school is included in e-Class Register, it would be best to eliminate the doubt that the issue is in the Internet browser you are using. Please try to login on the portal in another web browser (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome …).

If login is still not possible and the information is correct, it is necessary for the e-Class Registry administrator to check the validity of your PIN in e-Class Register, e-Matica and HUSO system. It is important that PIN is valid in all three systems so that the user can successfully log into the portal.

If neither of these suggestions remedies your problem, please contact

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