e- Class Register for schools

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Principals, classmasters, teachers and other school staff are provided a comprehensive overview of all relevant data for a particular function by the e-Class Register. The application can serve to principals to track the work of all school classes, classmasters have enabled access to all the data of their classroom students, and teachers can see the data exclusively for their subjects.  

e-Class Register for Schools

All of this reduces the possibility of unauthorized entry, but also theft and deliberate or unintentional destruction of a class register. In addition, at the beginning of the school year, e-Class Register retrieves student data from e-Matica, and at the end of school year, student data with grades and absences switch back to e-Matica, which reduces multiple entries of the same data.

School teachers who are involved in e-Class Register application system can access via address

To sign up, they use their AAI@EduHr account, which is provided by the register administrators of their school, with the obligation to use a token that prevents any unauthorized access to the teacher application.

e-Class Register facilitates the monitoring of the obligations and past performance of the academic year to its students. e-Class Register app allows students to review grades, notes, absences, reading and schedule of written tasks that teachers have entered into the e-Class Register. Students login to the application with their user account received from the register administrator of their school.


CARNET system engineers
other AAI@EduHr users
faculties and colleges
other public institutions

How to Become a User

Any school in the Republic of Croatia that meets the technical requirements can become the user of e-Class Register system.

Applications for joining in the school year 2019/2020 are received throughout the school year. For inclusion in e-Class Register, you must submit a completed e-Class Registration request form to CARNET.

The completed, signed and stamped form must be mailed to CARNET at the address of Josipa Marohnića 5, 10000 Zagreb.

All future users shall be enabled to access e-Class Register test application, by which they shall be able to familiarize themselves with the system and practice data entry before starting a “real” e-Class Register in the new school year.

Teachers should address any potential questions only to the e-Class Register administrator at their school, and in case the administrator is unable to solve the problem personally or provide information, you should contact CARNET Educational System Support directly via e-mail

Technical Prerequisites for Schools

The technical prerequisites for schools that want to use e-Class Register are:

  • structured cabling LAN network in school built according to the rules of the profession
  • computers connected to the Internet via the Croatian address space to access the e-Class Register application
  • if the school wants to use tablets or wireless computers to access e-Class Register, it is also necessary to have a wireless network
  • a token for each teacher and school employee using the app
  • expert in charge of maintenance of computer and local school network.

It is indispensable that the classrooms where e-Class Register application is to be used has a structured LAN network built according to the rules of the profession and the computer so that they can connect to e-Class Register.

If the school wants to use tablets or wireless computers, wireless networking is also required. Based on the experience gained with the establishment of wireless networks in schools that have been included in e-Class Register for the first two years, CARNET has developed guidelines for the development of school wireless networks to facilitate the choice of solutions and equipment. The document with guidelines for building wireless networks is available here. 

It is our recommendation that each teacher has their own tablet or computer so that they can use it for other purposes in the educational process, but it is also possible to use a tablet or a computer for each class.

Maintenance of a local school network, computers, and tablets is the responsibility of the school.

It is important that computers used for e-Class Register are maintained. e-Class Register can be used in the following web browsers:

  • IE 11+,
  • FireFox 55+,
  • Chrome 60+,
  • Safari 10.3+,
  • Edge 16+,
  • Opera 40+.

and tablets must have the following operating systems:

  • iOS 9+
  • Android 6+
  • Windows 10+.

Tablets for e-Class Register

Before purchasing a tablet device for e-Class Register, it is necessary to examine the possibility of using e-Class Register on it.

Tablets should have the following technical features:

Minimum required functionality
Operating systemAndroid OS v. 6, iOS 9, Windows 10
Screen resolutionMinimum 1024x768 pixel
Screen sizeMinimum 9“- Max. 11“
WLANWi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n

Because of the increasing number of tablets on the market, CARNET no longer performs testing of the device. For tablets it should be noted that not all tablet models are suitable for using the e-Class Register application.

For testing the tablet, a test page was prepared to check if the device meets the basic requirements for using e-Class Register. The test page is located here (note that it is intended for tablet devices only). If the test screen is all green, the tablet has successfully passed all the tests. If something is red on the test page, we do not recommend it for using e-Class Register.

For lower class tablets, apart from this test, we recommend checking:

  • if the device generally works fast enough
  • how well the wireless works (signal strength, connection dropouts)
  • touch screen sensitivity
  • good screen visibility, clarity and color contrast
  • total subjective impression for use.

There is a possibility that the tablet device passes this test but still has problems with any of the points listed above. In that case, the user shall be generally dissatisfied with the device and shall not want to use it.

Some tablet devices have the ability to use 3G cards and connect to the Internet on the 3G network, which can be an easing circumstance when there is a problem with network in school or in situations when the device is used outside the scope of the wireless network that it could connect to. However, such models are more expensive and require subscription payment for 3G cards.

Questions and Answers

Questions and answers for new schools

How can a school that is not yet using e-Class Register be included in the system?

Requests for the inclusion in the e-Class Register for the school year 2018/2019 are received throughout the school year. It is important to note that training for e-Class Register administrators for new schools will be held in May, so if the administrator wants to participate in the education, it is necessary to submit the request for attendance by the middle of April.
Which school's technical prerequisites must be met for inclusion in the e-Class Register?
The technical prerequisites for schools that want to use the e-Class Register are:

  • structured cabling LAN network in school built according to the rules of the profession
  • computers connected to the Internet via the Croatian address space to access the e-Class Register application
  • if the school wants to use tablets to access the e-Class Register, a wireless network is also required
  • a token for each teacher and school employee using the app
  • an expert in charge of computer maintenance and local school network

More detailed information on the technical prerequisites for schools wishing to use the e-Class Register is available in Technical prerequisites for schools. 

What does the school get from CARNET when enrolling in the e-Class Register?

CARNET provides access to the e-Class Register system and customer support for schools.

Which data are used to access the e-Class Register service?

If you are using a physical token, you must enter a user ID from the HUSO system ( to access the e-Class Register, and in the password field, the PIN generated by the token must be entered before the password is generated.

If you are using a CARNET mToken mobile application, you must enter a user ID from the HUSO system ( to access the e-Class Register service, and enter only a one-time password generated by the mToken.

Questions and answers for schools using e-Class Register

Should the schools included in the e-Class Register re-submit the request for activation if they want to include additional district schools, additional classrooms or other locations of the same school?

Schools that are already included in the e-Class Register, and now want to include additional classrooms or district schools, do not need to submit a request for activation. Likewise, schools involved in the e-Class Register, and which classes are being conducted at different locations, do not need to send an activation request if they want to include additional locations.

Which data are transferred from e-Matica to e-Class Register and which data are transferred at the end of the school year from e-Class Register to e-Matica?

The student’s personal information is transferred from e-Matica and the information about the program and the classroom where the student is enrolled. At the end of the school year subjects, grades, exams, absences, pedagogical measures and student behaviour are transferred from e-Class Register to e-Matica.

How long does the physical token activation process last?

After the company from which you purchased a token receives a tokens receipt statement, it shall be activated within three business days.


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