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CARNET Sigma - a System for the Informatization of Institutional Business Activities

CARNET sigma logoThe business information system CARNET Sigma is a centralized, unique and standardized system for business information and business process monitoring in schools.

During the planning and preparation of the project “e-Schools: Establishing a System for Developing Digitally Mature Schools (Pilot Project)”, a series of activities have been designed, the implementation of which shall enable a comprehensive system of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in teaching processes to raise digital maturity of schools.

The digital transformation of teaching processes is extremely important for teaching quality and effective teaching, but the optimal development of digitally mature schools is not possible without additional support to other segments which are not necessarily related to the primary school activities but also to the business of the school as a legal entity.

Accordingly, for the implementation of the e-Schools pilot project, a system for the informatization of institutional business activities (CARNET Sigma) has been designed, aiming to establish a centralized, unified and standardized system for computerization of business operations and business process monitoring in schools. BISI system is based on budgetary accounting and the operations of the state budget beneficiary and should be integrated with the existing register infrastructure and, if necessary, with the other services the schools use.

The basic features and objectives of introducing the CARNET Sigma system as a single solution are:

  • effective and transparent school management
  • easier monitoring of legal regulations
  • system integration with other services (e-Matica, HUSO)
  • the school as a user does not take care of technical solutions
  • open-code technology-based solution, which guarantees system sustainability
  • insights of school founders and competent institutions into aggregate data on school operations, which shall ensure more transparent and more favorable public procurement and staff policy monitoring
  • ensured technical and customer support to schools as end-users.


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How to Become a User

School principal who would like to use the CARNET Sigma should contact:

CARNET’s Education System Support Service

Phone: +385 1 6661 500

Development and Application of CARNET Sigma

The CARNET Sigma encompasses:

  • migration of business (existing data) of the user to the new system
  • development, adaptation, implementation and support of an integrated financial accounting system for schools as state budget users
  • customer support (Helpdesk)
  • development of an additional module for the management of subsidies
  • warranty system maintenance (compliance with all legal changes that are relevant to the system).

The introduction of CARNET Sigma in schools should be aligned with the technical requirements of other systems that schools use or plan to use. So far, the BISI system has been implemented in some of the schools participating in the e-Škole pilot project and is fully prepared for further use in other schools, with the possibility of functional upgrades depending on the needs of each school.

Additional Functionalities

One of the specifics related to the financing of schools and education entirely is keeping records of student subsidies within the student standard. Subsidy records support key business processes during the support lifecycle (determining the type of subsidy, determining the target population, setting up support criteria, deadlines, entering database quotas, including encryption and parameter values).

Subsidies are scholarships, various subsidies (pupil transport, pupil accommodation, pupil nutrition, free textbooks) and other forms of material support for students within the student standard funded from budget funds or other sources, organized by one or more participants (school, school founder, the competent ministry and other state administration bodies with appropriate authorities).

The CARNET Sigma enables the development of a support management module that can be applied comprehensively and with developed standardized processes to various forms of subsidies. It is important to emphasize the interoperability of the system thanks to which certain data are automatically transmitted and exchanged between different registers and therefore there is no need for their manual input and documentation filing to support the records.

The CARNET Sigma assistance management module currently provides the management of subsidies and keeping records for two types of subsidies:

  • scholarships
  • 16 student travel subsidies and free textbooks.

Contact Details

CARNET’s Education System Support Service

Phone: +385 1 6661 500