Stronger Together

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Stronger Together

EU Erasmus logotipThe project “Stronger Together – Improved Cooperation within CARNET and Support to the Integration of Asylum Seekers into the Croatian Society” runs from 1 August 2018 to 31 July 2020 as part of Erasmus+ programme, Key activity 1: Learning Mobility of Individuals.

Erasmus+ is the leading EU programme to support education, training, youth and sport set to last from 2014 until 2020. Its purpose is to support member states to efficiently use the possibilities of European human and social recourses all the while promoting the principle of lifelong learning including formal, non- formal and informal education.

About the Project

Through the six mobility activities in this project CARNET aims to foster the development of the community and the society as a whole making opportunities of distance learning and creating online content more available to asylees and asylum seekers. After completing mobility CARNET will conduct a focus group with the interested parties in order to design a one-day training session about using online tools and platforms for creating available and interactive online content. The competences acquired through the mobility will contribute to the organizational development of CARNETby means of improved collaboration and communication skills. 

The key needs of CARNET for further development to be fulfilled through this project are as follows:

  • share examples of best practices, experience and information with related organizations and participate in the activities in the international environment
  • improve organizational, communication and presentation skills as well as collaboration skills
  • improve understanding of group dynamics and working in teams
  • develop new ideas and methods for the implementation of non-formal training
  • improve conflict management skills and the skills for designing and conducting constructive focus groups
  • improve background knowledge of the intellectual property protection with emphasis on copyright and personal data protection in an online environment
  • develop new and improve the existing CARNET services (Moodle, MOOC – Massive Open Online Courses and the “Nikola Tesla” National Distance- Learning Portal) and network them
  • share experiences with partner organizations in using and applying online tools, creating online courses and their availability to end users (asylees and asylum seekers in the countries of partner organizations).

The project is composed of three phases:

  • a preparation phase – refers to gathering the necessary documentation, searching for and making arrangements with partner organizations and other activities necessary for the realization of mobility;
  • a mobility phase – participating in structured courses and job shadowing activities;
  • a dissemination phase faza– within CARNETand also with other organizations and partners dealing with asylees and asylum seekers


All the phases of the project will be carried out through six different mobility activities, four of which are structured courses and two are job shadowing abroad.

Structured courses:

  1. “Developing Effective Communication Skills”
  2. “Conflict management: Repairing relations and benefitting from difference”
  3. “Soft Skills for Teachers, Trainers and Education Staff” 
  4. „Team Work as a Means for Enhancing Productivity

Job shadowing activities abroad:

  1. University Las Palmas
  2. Ustanova ili društvo članica CENTR-a