CARNET Study Visit

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Study Visit

Croatian Academic and Research Network – CARNET hosted a group of participants from European countries in the Lifelong Learning Programme, ranging from the leaders of educational institutions or their departments, professors, teachers, researchers and representatives of educational organizations, to members of local, regional and national authorities.

Gap between limited resources and high expectations for education in the 21st century in the Croatian educational context is increasingly bridged by innovative institutional collaboration supported by ICT, insuring better teaching and learning.

The aim of the study visit was to show examples of good practice of cooperation between educational institutions, from primary and secondary schools to higher education and commercial companies with a focus on innovative application of information and communication technologies in order to improve teaching and learning. Participants in this study visit have seen real examples of best practice institutional cooperation that improves the quality and efficiency of educational processes and core competences.

The participants have learnt about:

  • innovative approaches in organising and improving learning and teaching through institutional collaboration on all levels of the educational system and lifelong learning institutions as well as across regional and state borders
  • how innovative use of ICT can enhance institutional collaboration on the improvement of teaching and learning
  • how institutional collaboration can contribute to the quality of education and the development of key competences.

The participants have:

  • visited institutions with ongoing collaborative projects between primary and secondary schools, university and SMEs, at national, regional and international level
  • observed real educational situations in which institutional collaboration contributed significantly to the quality of education and development of key competences
  • met experts and educators with experience in developing and organising institutional collaboration, as well as in using ICT for enhancement of institutional collaboration.

This project was funded by the European Union.

Study Visit Brochure