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e-Schools DEC

Digital educational content is a content intended for use in education, learning and teaching. It promotes active learning in an innovative, effective, motivating and individual-tailored way. 

Digital educational content has been developed for 15 subjects from 5th grade of primary school to 4th grade of general gymnasium, within the programme “e-Schools: a comprehensive informatization of school operation processes and teaching processes aimed at the creation of digitally mature schools for the 21st century”.

It is intended for:

  • pupils to learn in an innovative way, for self-assessment of knowledge, self-study, work at home or in teaching
  • teachers for class.

The contents are based on the curriculum of the subjects. E-Schools DEC developed during the 1st phase of the e-School programme (e-Schools pilot project) covers the entire curriculum of the subject to which it refers, while e-Schools DEC developed in the 2nd phase of the programme covers 60 % of the curriculum of each subject. It can be used in full, for the whole subject and class, but also in smaller independent parts or modules.

For the digital educational contents developed as part of the e-School pilot project Methodical Teacher’s Manuals are available as an extended comprehensive methodical preparation focused on the application of digital educational content in the educational process, based on modern educational principles and innovative teaching methods.

The advantages of digital content, apart from modular use, are also distinguished by their interactivity, multimedia and adaptability for students with special educational needs.

e-Schools DEC is open educational recource. It is available to all users in Edutorij and can be used with or without internet access (online and offline), on mobile and desktop devices. Digital educational content developed as part of the e-Schools pilot project can also be used via mobile applications.


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How to Become a User

Digital educational content is available in Edutorij and no registration is required for its use.

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Content developed as part of the e-Schools pilot project can also be downloaded to your mobile device, depending on the type of the mobile platform you are using (iOS, Android, or Windows):

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