E-learning Academy

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E-learning Academy

From 2004 to 2014 CARNET held the education course for e-learning experts called E-learning Academy. The course was created in cooperation with CARNET and the The University of British Columbia from Canada and 543 participants completed it over the course of 11 years. Wishing to lift this course of e-learning knowledge and skills to a higher, university level, CARNET began negotiations with the University of Zagreb about launching a university e-learning course. For this reason the course is no longer running in CARNET.

There were three one-year training courses developed in the cooperation with the University of British Columbia within E-learning academy.

Each course lasted for one academic year that is two semesters. The first semester was common for all three programs consisting of three general courses related to e-learning, pedagogy and technology in teaching.

The second semester consisted of specific courses: E-learning Management, E-learning Tutoring and E-learning Course Design, all of which were held online along with three workshops held in a classroom. For all three programs there was additional content stored in a E-learning laboratory, a set of recourse where participants could try a range of e-learning tools and technologies.