CARNET hosts the international partner meeting of the CRISS project

4. December 2017.

In January 2017, the Croatian Academic and Research Network – CARNET joined the international CRISS project (Demonstration of and scalable and costs-effective cloud-based digital learning infrastructure through the Certification of digital competences in primary and secondary schools), which is carried out within the framework of the European Union Horizon 2020 programme.

Several partner meetings are held during the project, and one of the meetings was hosted by the Croatian Academic and Research Network – CARNET. Thus, on 29 and 30 November 2017, the CARNET headquarters in Zagreb gathered 40 experts from 15 European partner institutions, including the Faculty of Organization and Informatics of the University of Zagreb.

During the two-day meeting, partners reported on their activities within the project, with the central topic being the certification of digital competences and the pilot implementation of the CRISS digital platform.

It should be reminded that the purpose of the CRISS project is the development and pilot implementation of a digital platform for the acquisition, evaluation and certification of digital competences of primary and secondary school students. The CRISS platform will be tested through a mass pilot project with more than 490 schools, including 25,400 students and 2,290 teachers in several European countries.

Croatian students and teachers will have the opportunity to join the project through the Croatian Academic and Research Network – CARNET, which is one of the CRISS project partners. As many as 1,000 Croatian students and 60 teachers from a total of 20 schools will become involved with the pilot project, which will take place during the school year 2018/2019.

The first year of the CRISS project, which is just ending, has been dedicated to the development of the theoretical model for the acquisition of digital competences of students and the development of the CRISS platform.

Project activities can be followed through the CRISS project official web site. All users and other interested parties will be timely informed by CARNET on all the project activities, and the CARNET’s CRISS team can be contacted via the e-mail address

The CRISS project will go on until 31 December 2019, with the total value of the project being about 6 million euros, of which the European Commission will finance 4.87 million euros at the most.