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Innovation centre Nikola Tesla – a new partner in the e-Schools programme

2. May 2019.

Innovation Centre Nikola Tesla (ICENT) has been selected as an implementing partner in the second phase of CARNET’s programme “e-Schools: a comprehensive informatisation of school operation processes and teaching processes aimed at creation of digitally mature schools for the 21st century.”

ICENT was selected based on a public call and will oversee conducting research aimed at improving and maintaining the cybersecurity of e-Schools information systems.

As part of the second phase of the e-Schools programme, ICENT will conduct research on automated models and ways to check the vulnerability of schools and search for compromised sites and systems in cyberspace that may have a negative impact on institutions. In addition, it will conduct research on the possibility of applying machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve the results of vulnerability testing and interpretation of results and the process of searching cyberspace of the Republic of Croatia and methods of early detection of compromised internet services.

ICENT is a leading component of Croatia’s innovation ecosystem for applied research and development in the field of engineering and related applications that steer society and the economy towards competitiveness and sustainability. It integrates scientific research, innovation, and commercial processes to set up new industrial technologies, products, services, and business models.