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Ten Years of the School’s Portal

25. January 2017.

Exactly 10 year ago, on March 1, the School’s Portal was published at The School’s Portal was launched by the Croatian Academic and Research Network – CARNet on the incentive and in cooperation with the former Ministry of Science, Education and Sports. The goal of the Portal was to provide a virtual meeting place for the members of school community by which they will exchange experiences, cooperate and acquire many useful information intended for teachers, students and parents.

Besides, it was envisaged that the Portal publishes contents which will support teachers and students in the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) in everyday work and learning. In the last ten years, the School’s Portal published 11,283 texts and received and published 1,143 digital curricular materials, 321 student works and 697 school news and 24 teacher texts from practice. During those 10 years, the Portal’s pages were visited 12,089,911 times, and there were 16 contests with a large number of participants.

The School’s Portal today contained 17 sections among which it is certainly important to highlight “Contemporary education”, a section for teachers, whose objective is to support and motivate teachers for the application information and communication technologies in their teaching. A “Good to know” section is intended for students and their parents The students can read educational and informative texts and various advices which can help them in fulfilment of everyday school obligations, but also in organisation of extracurricular activities. The parents, in the part of section intended for them, can find various useful advices, interesting topics and texts on everyday problems with which they deal on a daily basis in upbringing of their children. The most dynamic part of the School’s Portal is the news concerning the educational system. The Portal also contains lists of schools, dormitories and universities, as well as the latest information about the services of the Ministry of Science and Education, the Education and Teacher Training Agency and other relevant institutions. There is a continued collection and publication of contents which the teachers and their students make independently, such as news from the schools, school newspapers, digital course materials, texts for the “From practice” section published by teachers, and students’ works.

The Portal also allows access to services offered to schools by CARNet, with lots of useful information about the services. The future plans for the Portal include adjustments and improvements according to the latest trends and suggestions from users.

We invite you to visit the School’s Portal and explore the birthday page at which will offer a possibility of joining various activities in the next year and celebrate the 10th birthday of the School’s Portal. We represent the birthday video  ( starting the jubilee.