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The contract for digitalization of enrolment in educational institutions is signed

12. March 2019.

On Tuesday, 12 March 2019, the Ministry of Administration signed the Contract for the informatisation of the process and the establishment of a complete electronic enrolment service in educational institutions (e-Enrolment).

The contract is worth HRK 40 million, 85 per cent of which is co-financed from EU funds. It was signed by the Minister of Administration Lovro Kuščević, the Minister of Labour and Pensions Marko Pavić and the Director of the Croatian Employment Service Ante Lončar, in the presence of project partners, the Minister of Science and Education Blaženka Divjak and CARNET CEO Goran Kezunović.

This project will digitize the processes of registration and enrolment in kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, and student dormitories. All citizens will be able to use public services through the e-Citizens system without additional administrative obligations and waiting in lines. Namely, the data required for enrolment in educational institutions, in accordance with the regulations, can be obtained electronically from the institution responsible for this data, in accordance with the provisions of the State Information Infrastructure Act. This will ensure greater availability of services and simplify their use.

As a project partner, CARNET oversees business process analysis and development of reference models, defining information system architecture and development and implementation of software solutions. Preparation and implementation of education of employees in the education system and public administration will accompany the whole process, as will the development of materials for education of users.

By implementing this project, the Ministry of Administration continues to promote the development of digitalisation of services provided by public administration to citizens, such as applications to higher education institutions and the state graduation register, the National Adult Education Information System and e-Register. After signing the contract, it was announced that, taking into account the independence of local governments and the desire to encourage balanced regional development, the Ministry of Administration will issue a public invitation to the founders of early and preschool education to participate in this project. In accordance with the criteria of the said call, a number of institutions will be equipped with computer equipment from the project funds, while all registered institutions will be able to use the established system.