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The Ministry of Science and Education, CARNET and UNESCO work together on the Strategy for Digital Maturity of Schools

2. July 2018.
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As part of the project „e-Schools: Establishment of a Development system for digitally mature Schools (pilot project) the last workshop by the Committee for developing the Strategy for Digital Maturity of Schools was held “from 2 to 4 July 2018 in Zagreb. The workshop was organized by the Croatian Academic and Research Network – CARNET as the developer in cooperation with the Ministry of Science and Education and experts from UNESCO.

„The Strategy for Digital Maturity of Schools derives from the results of the pilot project e-Schools and is based on the digital maturity framework, the research on the impact of the e-Schools project on the educational system and other relevant international researches in the field of technology in education. It relies on the National Strategy of Education, Science and Technology, and expands in the field of digital transformation of schools in the Republic of Croatia in the next twelve years”, said Goran Kezunović, the CEO of CARNET adding that it sets the basic framework for future projects in the field of digital transformation of education funded by the EU structural funds after 2020.

The Strategy includes strategic planning which directs and prioritizes policies, activities and projects in the field of the computerisation of schools until 2030. All relevant stakeholders have been involved in its creation, including the Ministry of Science and Education, teacher training agencies, teachers, school principles and representatives of academic community and enterpreneurs.

Dr. Fengchun Miao, the Chairman of the UNESCO Unit for ICT in Education and prof. Hyo-Jeong So from the Technology College of Education, Ewha Woman’s University from the Republic of Korea will attend the workshop alongside the Croatian experts.

The cooperation of CARNET and UNESCO is related to strategic planning of investing in digital technologies in primary and secondary schools in Croatia, an overview of technology policies on education and creating a framework for the Strategy for Digital Maturity, its implementation and adoption.

The draft of the Strategy is expected by the end of August 2018 and its adoption by March 2019.

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