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e-Laboratory is the portal providing its users with information about tools, systems and applications in the field of e-learning. e-Laboratory deals with research, testing and selection of the available digital tools to be used in classes and in other processes which take place at school (extracurricular activities, teacher training, some aspects of school's operation and similar).

The users of the e-Laboratory are school teachers, professors and everybody else using digital teaching materials in their work.

e-Laboratory activities include the following:

  • education of users about tools through reviews, instructions, simple digital educational materials and workshops
  • presentation of good practice examples about the use of particular tools
  • assistance to teachers in the selection of tools through the development of appropriate questionnaires and the gathering of feedback about the teacher experience in the use of particular tools
  • tool evaluation based on the data collected concerning the experience of users
  • possible adjustment, upgrading and localization of tools and systems which so require, within the possibilities and in accordance with the reported interest of the users
  • communication with users via the Centre for Support to Teaching Staff in the Production of Digital Course Materials and the Application of ICT in Classes
  • promotional activities.

The e-Laboratory consists of:

  • a set of systems and tools which require installation and adjustment, which CARNET ensures to its users and adjusts them for the trial use, and collects feedback on the tools from the users
  • tools which are situated in the "cloud", but can also be installed on own computers. Such types of tools are tested and reviewed, advice is given on their usage, good practice examples are stressed and instructions are given.