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e-Citizens mToken

The e-Citizens mToken is an electronic credential of the safety level 3. It consists of a mobile and a server application. The mobile application is used for the generation of one-time passwords that the user can use to access public electronic services. Since the safety level of this electronic credential is 3, it is intended for accessing public electronic services within the e-Citizens project, which require safety levels 2 and 3 for electronic credentials.

In addition to the e-Citizens mToken application intended for mobile devices, users can also use the e-Citizens mToken server application to view their contact details and change them. This application can be used to activate the client applications on another mobile device.

Special attention was given to the safety of the application and data protection:

  • the e-Citizens mToken does not store the secret user PIN anywhere
  • the e-Citizens mToken cannot be copied to another mobile phone
  • the e-Citizens mToken for the generation of a one-time password does not use Internet connection

The application can be downloaded in the Google Play Store for Android devices, in the Apple App Store for iOS devices, and in the Windows Phone Store for Windows devices. Privacy policy is available at

To activate the e-Citizens mToken application on the mobile device, the user needs to visit a FINA office. Together with submitting a properly filled out and signed application form, the user needs to show a valid personal identity card or passport.

You can access the central state portal at, and you can find detailed information about the e-Citizens project at



Phone: 072 200 027