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e-Split is a joint project of CARNET and the City of Split as part of which own optical infrastructure has been developed, connecting the CARNET member institutions in Split to the CARNET network. Split thus became the first Croatian city where CARNET owns its own optical network to each of its member institutions.

CARNET has 115 full member institutions in Split, for which it bears costs of the Internet connection. Up to this project CARNET has not had its connection infrastructure, but leased it from commercial providers, so the construction of its own optical infrastructure much reduced the connection costs. Also, the possibility of adjustment of the connection speed to the member's needs has been facilitated, as well as the application of the latest technologies. Besides facilitating the transition to new technological solutions, the own network also provides an opportunity to experiment and research.

Apart from connecting the CARNET members, the project also connects 158 institutions at locations owned by the City of Split. The City of Split and CARNET have jointly financed and built an optical network to all of their locations, and they maintain it and develop it together.

A joint optical CARNET and the City of Split network consists of:

  • ring (core) built from a fibre optic cable and spreading throughout the city in a ring shape
  • 115 CARNET institution locations
  • 158 City of Split locations

The built optical network has a sufficient capacity allowing CARNET to connect any new member institutions.

This project is a public-public partnership between CARNET and the City of Split, and it is the first form of such cooperation of a local community and a company owned by the Republic of Croatia. Also, e-Split is the first project of such nature in Croatia and much wider.

The e-Split project has been presented at two international conferences: Cisco Expo Croatia 2010 and CEF Networks Workshop 2010