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The Users Board

The Users Board includes all CARNET coordinators of the CARNET member institutions, the heads of the County-level expert councils of information science/computer science teachers in primary and secondary schools, and the CARNET CEO. The role of the Users Board is to advise the CARNET CEO. It should propose measures for infrastructure and services improvement, as well as other changes and new projects within the CARNET's scope of activities.

The presidency of the Users Board consists of the following members:

  • Ms. Vlatka DavidoviŠ, Polytechnic in Rijeka, Rijeka
  • Mr. Dragutin Kermek, Faculty of Organisation and Informatics, Varażdin (President)
  • Ms. Zlatka MarkuŔiŠ, XV Grammar School, Zagreb
  • Mr. Miroslav Mazurek, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Slavonski Brod
  • Mr. Damir MrkonjiŠ, Institute for Adriatic Crops and Karst Reclamation, Split
  • Mr. Zlatan Soldo, Geodesic Technical High School, Zagreb
  • Mr. Mladen Vedriš, University Computing Centre Srce, Zagreb

At the session of the Users Board Presidency held on 2nd October 2007 Mr. Damir MrkonjiŠ was elected to perform the function of the Head of the Presidency.