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| Page last updated at 23. 5. 2018. 14:22 |

Recognizing the need of the academic and research community, in cooperation with academic institutions, CARNET has initiated a project for more accessible use of videoconferencing system.

After testing the solutions available on the market, we have decided to offer our members the Polycom® PVX solution for desktop videoconferences. The offered solution will enable holding videoconferences using all IP-based videoconferencing systems, which also includes the existing teleconferencing rooms from the CARNET videoconferencing system. The solution provides high- quality voice and video transmission, compared to that of today's desktop videoconferencing tools (H.264, 2Mbps connection using H.323 and SIP standard, and CD sound quality).

We would like to mention that, although the application alone works well on lower internet speeds, the use of this application on higher speeds can additionally lower the access speed of your institution's connection to the CARNET network.

CARNET has ensured a certain number of licenses, obtained for CARNET members, who had expressed a wish to participate in this project. After you receive your licence (licence key), you can download the installation of Polycom PVX application from this link (it is necessary to enter the following user name: AAI@EDU.HR).

If You would like to upgrade existing installed version of PVX (from ver. 8.0.2 or v.8.0.4 to ver. 8.0.9) it is not necessary to uninstall the existing installation.