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Teleconferencing Room

A Teleconferencing Room is a place in an academic institution (mostly at faculties) completely adjusted to the conditions required for quality voice and video transmission.

Each of these classrooms has audiovisual, computer and communication equipment which enables quality two-way transmission of audio and video signal and computer data between similar remote classrooms.

The advantage of Teleconferencing Rooms for holding videoconferences, in relation to non-specialised locations, lies in the greatest possible functionality of every Teleconferencing Room. One person alone can initiate and set up the whole system, and it takes only a few minutes to check the proper functioning of the basic parts of the system. Each classroom can function as a multimedia room if necessary, and can operate independently of whether the classroom is being used for videoconferencing transmission or not.

The primary purpose of the classrooms is the possibility of remote lectures in which the auditorium has the impression that the lecturer is in the room with them. Double screens and projectors make it possible for the auditorium to see the lecturer on one screen and watch their presentations on the other.