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What are videoconferences?

Videoconferences enable the participants to attend meetings or lectures while being hundreds of kilometres apart. They can see and hear each other, thus communicating in real time, which is achieved by the use of cameras, screens or projectors, microphones and loudspeakers.

Videoconferences are used in numerous fields of activity, offering significant savings in time and travel expenses. One of the areas in which videoconferencing is gaining importance is surely the area of education, where their main use is for remote lectures and tutorials. Presenting a means to convey information, knowledge and ideas, videoconferences act as a support to traditional forms of learning and teaching.

Videoconferencing system provides:

  • Fast and simple information and knowledge exchange
  • Participation in remote lectures, conferences or seminars
  • Engagement and participation in professional gatherings and round tables
  • Interconnection of academic institutions
  • Joint participation in various projects
  • Broadcast of evens important for the academic community.