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Welcome to CARNET’s new website

26. April 2019.

We are happy to present you with the new website of the Croatian Academic and Research Network – CARNET. To get information about all CARNET services and projects with as few clicks as possible, and as quickly as possible, we have completely redesigned the corporate website. With the new look and structure, the new website also provides new functionalities and clear and easy navigation.

The home page is divided into several sections, with the overview of all CARNET services and projects taking centre stage. Compared to the previous view, from now on you can filter all services and projects according to popularity or different ways of accessing the service – via electronic identity in the AAI@EduHr system, e-Citizens system and services that are available to everyone.

We reorganised the content of all services and adjusted it to our users. We have divided it into several sections that provide detailed information, such as description of the service, list of users who can access the service, but also instructions on how to become a user. The service pages also provide you with answers to frequently asked questions about the service, related content and contact if you have additional questions.

In the News section, you can follow all the latest news and information about CARNET’s activities divided into six categories: Services and Projects, Events, e-Schools, We Recommend, Public Procurement and Administrator Notices.

Keeping in mind that a large number of visitors access CARNET website on their mobile devices, the new CARNET website has been fully adapted to the display on all devices thanks to its responsive design, so you can view it using your computers, mobile devices or tablets.

In addition to the Croatian version, almost all content is available in English. All the websites of CARNET services and projects such as the e-Schools project, the official website of the CARNET users conference,, Portal for schools, e-Laboratory and many others are available in one place called CARNET +.

Your opinion is extremely important to us, so we invite you to send your comments and suggestions for further improvement of the CARNET website to the e-mail address

Have fun browsing!