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Virtual Servers

Virtual servers for institutions are a CARNET service primarily intended for full member institutions with a smaller number of users and without a system engineer.

Virtual server represents a full substitute for the existing CARNET servers at member institutions based on Linux, with all the advantages of virtualisation technologies. Servers are located in the CARNET system room, connected to permanent power supply and daily creating vital files backups. Virtual servers provide all the necessary services, same as the physical servers (DNS, web, mail, LDAP, anti-spam, anti-virus and similar) which are part of the official CARNET Linux distribution.

Within this service CARNET ensures:

  • installation and permanent operating system maintenance and the corresponding basic services on the server
  • constant automatic server monitoring
  • automatic daily backup of vital information from the server, including user data and the corresponding e-mail
  • network connection to the CARNET network backbone
  • transfer of data from the existing server which is performed in cooperation with the member
  • providing support to authorised persons via Helpdesk
  • ensuring server data security and privacy.

All full members of CARNET can use this service under the following conditions:

  • higher education institutions with over 50 employees and 200 students
  • other institutions with 100 employees at the most.




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