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Education portal - the central point for accessing educational services provided by CARNet, accessible by using the electronic identity in the AAI@EduHrs system

E-learning Academy - annual education on management, design and delivery of e-learning programs, performed mostly online

e.C – e.Courses for teaching - ready-made online courses in C, Logo and Pascal programming languages, enriched with interactive and multimedia content that teachers can use in their classes

Moodle/Loomenprogramme tool for the creation of electronic educational content and for holding distance classes

Teacher Training - service of providing support to the teachers in selecting the optimal teaching methods and software solutions which can contribute to a higher quality of the teaching process

National Distance Learning Portal "Nikola Tesla" - online courses in mathematics, physics, biology and chemistry for secondary schools, ECDL courses, and courses in Internet technologies

School Portal - an Internet portal for students, teachers, schools and parents, containing useful information for the educational community, and digital course materials

E-library - archive of digital books and magazines, accessible for reading in the .pdf format to all the members of the educational, academic and research community

CARNet Users Conference CUC - conference for the users of Internet and information communication technologies, organized with the purpose to disseminate knowledge and experience

eLektire - comprehensive works of Croatian and foreign authors, including those which are on the lists of mandatory school reading assignments, in electronic form

Textbook Exchange - a portal for exchange of school textbooks available to all Croatian primary and secondary school students and their parents

Cisco Academy - education in the field of network technologies

CARNet System Engineer Education - training and certification for CARNet system engineers on an individual basis

Portal for System Engineers - a portal intended for CARNet system engineers, but also for other interested public, following the most important developments in the information technology world, connected to the activities and interests of system engineers

Blog -  brings news in the area of usage of information and communication technology in education to the interested users  

Webinars - online seminar, lecture or workshop organized by CARNet