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Applications and enrolments in secondary schools

The enrolment of students in secondary schools in the 2013/2014 school year was carried out by electronic means for the very first time. Via the National information system for online application and enrolment in secondary schools happly for education programmes, trace back their score and enrolment in a secondary school.

The application procedure and course of the enrolment procedure is described in detail in the publication Application and enrolments in secondary schools 2014/2015 - 'We're going to secondary school!'

The decision on the elements and eligibility criteria for the selection of candidates for the enrolment in secondary schools is adopted each year by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports.

All information concerning the application and enrolment procedure is available on the website The site also regularly informs students of key deadlines and procedures that are under way.

The website also offers instructions for using the application and answers to frequently asked questions.

In case users have any dilemmas, questions or problems concerning the system, the CARNET educational system support is at their disposal, which can be contacted via the e-mail address or the telephone number 01/ 6661 500.

The goals of electronic enrolment in secondary schools are the following:

  • to computerise the secondary school enrolment procedure, i.e. to establish a central point for online application and enrolment in all secondary school education programmes in the Republic of Croatia
  • to establish a simple, transparent and quick online enrolment in the desired school without unnecessary administrative activities, both for students, parents and the school
  • to ensure for the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports a correct and exact record of enrolled students and their grades
  • To allow students:
    • to apply for several education programmes in several secondary schools
    • the possibility of harmonising the students' desires with their possibilities of enrolment,
    • the comparison of the students' rank with that of other students who applied for the same programme.

The main activities of CARNET in this project is providing support to all users of the educational system and coordinating with other stakeholders involved in the project.