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Users and partners

The primary users of the room videoconferencing system are:

  1. Institutions - academic institutions and other professional societies connected to the CARNET network
  2. Associations - scientific and professional associations
  3. Individuals - all members of the academic community, i.e.  professors and students, and also scientists.

The institutions hosting teleconferencing rooms and appointed persons at the institutions (operators) are CARNET partners, participating in the construction and maintenance of the videoconferencing system. At the same time, they are also the users of the system.

Scientific and professional associations can use the teleconferencing rooms by making a prior reservation via the Reservation System. The reservation should be made by the professor or scientist who will be the leading lecturer to present the contents at the videoconference.

The potential users of this system are institutions and individuals outside the academic and research community, who recognize the benefits of the videoconferencing system which lead to more effective and cheaper business operation. This category of users will be charged for using the system, according to the regulations stated in the CDA document on the room videoconferencing system.