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CARNet is trying to stimulate as many active users as possible and motivate them to create the Croatian information space and to use all the advantages provided by the new technology. Therefore, last year, two events were held during the CARNet week - "CARNetjedan" - and educational projects were started in co-operation with the partner institutions.

By introducing itself through educational and promotional events during the CARNet week ( ), CARnet has brought its activities closer to students, professors, and other members of the academic community, stimulating them to use CARNet and Internet services at their institutions as much as possible and in the best way possible.

During 2000, two CARNet weeks were held, at the Croatian Studies from 13 to 17 March and at the Faculty of Dental Medicine from 8 to 11 May.

Among projects led by CARNet in co-operation with the academic community, the educational projects are highlighted as a special group of projects. Apart from general aims of enriching the Croatian information space with educational subjects, and stimulating the use of information technologies in education, the orientation towards educational projects is aimed at obtaining useful information by monitoring the projects. The projects will be observed in the following fields:

  • Monitoring the process of self-study, co-operative work and study through communication by using information technologies;
  • Monitoring the necessary resources in the process of preparation and in the process of education;
  • Monitoring the necessary assistance and support to teachers and students, e.g. by CARNet, technical services at the faculties, or private companies in the process of preparation and in the process of education;
  • Monitoring the educational process;
  • Monitoring the results of the educational process;
  • Monitoring the problems that have occurred during the process of preparation and the process of education.

After completing the projects and based on the obtained forms and surveys, the results will have to be analysed and instructions provided for those teachers who are just starting to apply IT in teaching. The instructions need to be of technical and pedagogical character. They also have to contain a list and a specification of the necessary resources and the competence and method of evaluating time needed to perform the project. The instructions in the future should make the preparations easier as well as the implementation of the project itself and increase the probability of successful outcome of the project.

The results of these educational projects should help in establishing referral centres that will constantly monitor this field and provide new advise and instructions and renew those already existing, develop tool reviews, respond to the users' queries (helpdesk), and organise education necessary for the network teaching by means of information technologies.

In 2000 a team of experts from the academic community was gathered, and this team will control the started educational projects. A detailed plan for the educational projects was made and two educational projects have been started:

  • Mathematics 1 - application in teaching,
  • Interactive educational module of acidotic balance in human

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