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CCERT (Croatian /CARNet/ Computer Emergency Response Team)

A Centre is active within CARNet for prevention and elimination of problems related to security of computer networks - CARNet CERT (CARNet Computer Emergency Response Team).

The basic aim of CARNet CERT (CCERT) activities is to increase the security of computer networks and systems and to reduce the possibility of their misuse, achieved through the following activities:

  • gathering and analysis of information about security incidents,
  • co-ordination and mediation between interested parties in solving security incidents,
  • gathering and distribution of security advise, suggestions and tools,
  • training and informing of users and of public about the significance and greater security of computer systems,
  • initiating projects and establishing teams regarding security problems and publishing of the results,
  • co-operation with relevant bodies (Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Justice, Administration and Local Self-Administration, Ministry of the Interior, etc.) in establishing adequate legal regulations in the field of computer systems security,
  • international co-operation with other CERTs through the membership in the "Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams".

During 2000 the number of registered security incidents rose substantially, but so did the number of processed e-mails, which resulted probably from the number of Internet users, and on the other hand from the greater awareness by the administrators, end users, companies and organisations regarding the significance of computer security. Along with the reports of the number of incidents, there is also a significant number of queries about various security problems.

In 2000 there were 206 registered incidents (in January 7, in December 32), and 1977 processed e-mails (in January 21, in December 553).

Apart from registration and processing of incidents, CARNet CERT put special emphasis on the promotion activities intended for system administrators and end users:

  • Dani otvorenih računarskih sustava (Free computer system days) - DORS 2000, FER, Zagreb, 4 May 2000
  • E-Security, Inter-Continental, Zagreb, 29 September 2000
  • Međunarodni sajam informacijske tehnologije - INFO (International Fair of Information Technology) 2000, 7-11 November 2000 (CARNet was awarded acknowledgement for the high level of the overall presentation)
  • NonStop@ecs, presentation by CCERT and "E-commerce: rizici i zaštita" (risks and protection), Sheraton, Zagreb, 8 November 2000

As part of support to users and promotional activities, new web pages of CARNet CERT were opened at with the basic data about CCERT and instructions for use and a form for reporting on security incidents.

Numerous contacts with CARNet members, Internet service providers, companies, organisations from Croatia and abroad have been established through everyday operative work in co-ordination of solving security incidents, and these have been used also to stress the significance and provide advise on the security and offering of practical advise in solving the incidents or improving the security.

At the international level CCERT is a member of FIRST (Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams), an international organisation which gathers CERTs from all over the world, and through CARNet membership in TERENA participates in the work of the task group TF-CSIRT (Task Force - Computer Security Incident Response Team) whose aim is the organisation and co-operation of the European CERTs. This co-operation provides CCERT with significant experiences at the organisational and professional level, using these for improving the quality of its operation. In everyday operative activities, CCERT participates actively with other CERTs in Europe and the world.


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