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Children and Internet

CARNet is making efforts to make organised groups of children acquainted with the information technologies and to motivate them to use these actively in order to stimulate thinking, learning, research, co-operation and active relation to their own future.

In 2000 CARNet participated in starting the first school radio on the Internet - Radio 5+, thus becoming the carrier of the ThinkQuest program for the Republic of Croatia.

The pilot project "Radio 5+ live on the Internet" was started in co-operation with the Primary School Nikola Tesla from Zagreb. The aim of the project was to establish the necessary audio information technology infrastructure, establishing several hours of school radio program broadcast live and educating students and teachers of all the schools to start radio broadcasting on the Internet.

CARNet provided the Primary School Nikola Tesla with a 24-hour access to the Internet and equipment along with providing consulting services.




In the year 2000 CARNet became the contracting partner of the educational organisation ThinkQuest which carries out the program under the same name in more than sixty countries of the world, in order to educate students of primary and secondary schools and their teachers in information technology. It has been planned in the form of a competition of teams of students and their mentors in designing web pages of educational contents in English, with valuable awards for the best works.

Over the next period CARNet will devote its efforts to developing and implementing this international program in the Croatian region, promoting and financing as well as educating the participants.

ThinkQuest is one of the programs which meets a part of CARNet aims, such as the usage of the Internet from the earliest age, increasing computer literacy of children and young people, creating and maintenaning of contacts among children worldwide, co-operating in joint projects and intensive work in education, self-education, counselling and assistance over the Internet.



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