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Organising, managing and promoting the top-level '.hr' domain

One of the basic guidelines regarding the participation of a certain country in the Internet world is her top-level domain. Based on the authority assigned by the Internet Assigned Number Authority (IANA) in 1991 to the Croatian Academic and Research Network - as the top-level "hr" domain administrator, CARNet has been performing this task for quite a number of years already. As part of constant efforts in keeping pace with the trends in the Internet world, as well as by meeting the requirements of the Croatian Internet community, and after having carried out a public debate about the proposition, the CARNet Board of Governors accepted in December 2000 the new Regulations regarding organisation of the top-level "hr" Internet domain and the principles of managing the top-level "hr" domain.

The Regulations are based on the principle that "hr" domain is the national domain of the Republic of Croatia and the fundamental element of her national wealth and sovereignty, basis of her identity in the virtual world and the starting point for organising and presenting information in the Croatian information space on the Internet. The mentioned principles clearly distinguish the national domain and the regulations for registering a respective domain within it, from the so-called global, general domains (such as e.g. '.com' domains), within which global principles such as acts and needs of the global market play a dominant or even exclusive role.

On the other hand, CARNet fully supports the basic need and the right of every legal and natural person regarding identity, presence and sustainability in the virtual world. The new Regulations have therefore introduced new possibilities for the domain registration and provide a more liberal approach to managing Croatian domain space.

The Regulations define the gradual introduction of six types of subdomains of the HR domain: domains for the virtual identity of legal persons (HR-P), natural persons (HR-F), registered private activity of natural persons (HR-D), for the market and other additional needs of the legal and natural persons (HR-T) and two domains important for RH and her information space (HR-V and HR-I).

The Regulations promote also a modern approach to the protection of intellectual ownership on the Internet, emphasising the responsibility of the domain users to respect the rights of others and having in mind the introduction of arbitration as an efficient way of solving disputes related to the Internet domains.

In 2000, DNS (Domain name service) marked a significant increase in the number of requested domain names.



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