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CARNet has been systematically working on the cataloguisation and searching of the Croatian Web space through several years old support to the WWW.HR projects, search catalogue, and CROSS, the searcher of the ".hr" top-level Internet domain, and recently it started working on their interlinking. Along with the application of the distributed indexing and identification and use of meta-data, further improvement of search quality is expected. Therefore, instructions have been published in the form of the document CDA0027 "How to improve the searchability of the Croatian World Wide Web space by using meta-data ".

From the technical point, the first steps in improving the searchability of the Croatian Web space included in these instructions are relatively simple and easily applicable, and their acceptance and actual implementation by the wider Web community are of crucial importance for general advancement.


The service includes the Croatian homepage and the catalogue of www servers. Although set experimentally in autumn 1993, on 12 February 1994 it was officially registered by CERN catalogue as the homepage of the Republic of Croatia.

In 2000, "Izdanje 2000" ("Publication 2000") was produced, with the new graphical design of the clickable map of Croatia, divided into counties and clearly highlighted county centres, and graphical element denoting other towns in the county, as well as the islands. The catalogue was redesigned in accordance with the homepage and there was a series of technical improvements with the aim of simplifying the usage. Contents were expanded, including culture, economy and sport.

The number of links in the catalogue grew from 3000 in January to 5000 in December. On the page registrations of new URL addresses are constantly being received and automatically entered into the catalogue.
As one of the most comprehensive and most fundamental Croatian web catalogues, WWW.HR was presented at the Free Computer System Days - DORS 2000 in Zagreb, as well as at two international conferences: CARnet Users Conference, CUC 2000 in Zagreb and Viable Telecommunications, VITEL 2000 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.


During the year, computer disk capacities were modernised and upgraded, and at the end of the year an additional, second computer in the CROSS system started to operate. The real effects of this activity are expected in the year 2001. CROSS internal system has been supplemented by the support for HTML 4.01 and XHTML 1.0.


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